ZeroEnergy Design


ZED analyzes architectural plans, simulates the energy performance and operating costs of homes or buildings, and presents recommendations to achieve your goals, such as lower energy costs and a reduced carbon footprint. We are committed to a minimum energy reduction for our clients of 50% better than required by building code. Using energy modeling software we address energy conservation, efficient consumption, and renewable energy production.
Depending on your goals, ZED offers a variety of energy performance packages including:
- Passive House
- Deep Energy Retrofit
- Low Energy & Ultra-Low Energy
- Net Zero Energy
As part of your team, ZED can help the project achieve your energy performance target.

ZED provides system design for heating, cooling, and ventilation systems of high-efficiency buildings. Proper load calculations, equipment sizing and specification, and distribution system design result in a right-sized system, lower equipment costs, longer equipment life, increased energy performance, lower utility bills, and greater occupant comfort.
ZED can address the following aspects as appropriate for each project:
- Manual J for Load Sizing
- Manual S for System Selection
- High level system design for renewables integration
- Geothermal Calculations
- Manual D for Duct Sizing
- Hydronic distribution design
- Ductwork layout in CAD
- Register/diffuser sizes, placement, and flow rates
- Ventilation design and rates
- Radiant floor layout in CAD

Cost Analysis
ZED energy efficiency recommendations are analyzed using solid data, including energy prices, projected savings, real costs from your contractor, available financial incentives, inflation rates, your borrowing costs, maintenance costs, and the lifespan of the energy efficiency measure. Financial analysis of this data provides a true cost-benefit analysis and clarifies where your money is best invested for improved energy performance. Cost effectiveness can be measured according to cost of ownership, net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), return on investment (ROI), and other client-selected metrics.

Certification Facilitation
To complement the firm’s energy modeling and HVAC design services, ZED can facilitate adherence to specific energy certification programs such as the Passive House standard and the Massachusetts New Homes with Energy Star program. Facilitation typically includes plan review for compliance, modeling requirements, performance measurement, required site inspections, and paperwork submission.

Building Science Consulting
Building Science addresses heat, air, and moisture flow and how they impact a structure. Potential issues regarding thermal bridging, poor humidity levels, moisture build-up, building decay, and mold growth can be mitigated using ZED services for wall/roof section development, condensation risk analysis, air barrier detailing, thermal bridge calculations and analysis, and critical construction details.

Construction Administration
ZED provides guidance and Client advocacy during the construction process to ensure that the energy related design and specifications are implemented properly, help achieve the energy performance goals, and resolve any challenges that arise during construction. Site visits are made to review and verify critical building envelope and mechanical system details.