We create green homes to improve the living world. 

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The world deserves only green homes.


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You deserve to live in a green home.


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Beautiful Design.

Energy Efficient Homes can be Beautiful.  Initial examples of high performance architecture left aesthetics wanting, mainly due to experimentation by early adopters. Now, informed choices lead to exceptional performance and pleasing aesthetics as the rule, not the exception.

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Healthy Living.

Air Quality.  Maintaining positive indoor air quality is vital to occupant health.  We select materials that minimize pollutants and design ventilation systems to ensure a constant supply of fresh outdoor air.



Thermally Comfortable.

Comfort is Under-Appreciated.  Homeowners are so used to cold and drafty houses in the wintertime that absolute thermal comfort is quite unexpected and hard to comprehend. The constant temperatures throughout a super-insulated home provide a new level of comfort - once you experience it you won't go back.

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Durable & Low Maintenance.

Last for Generations.  Long term durability strategies should provide protection from pests, humidity, and any moisture problems within the local climate. Material selections should offer low maintenance with minimal upkeep requirements. The detailing of the home’s enclosure (its walls, roof and floor) should include continuous insulation paired with rigorous air sealing to ensure that the wood structure is protected and that the home will last for generations.

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Overcome Challenges.  A home's ability to weather unforeseen challenges should be predictable - it should fare well. A super-insulated airtight envelope means that during a storm with power outage, heat loss will be very slow - taking multiple days to drop to 60 degrees even with no heat source. A back-up generator can offer full operation, even in the case a long term outage. Buildings can also exceed standard structural requirements for snow and wind loads, seismic events, and flood events.

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Environmentally Sensible.

Energy, Air, Water, Materials, Site.  Sustainability is not an optional checkbox, rather it is a deeply ingrained principle that drives our process and defines the attributes of every project. Because global climate change is the biggest environmental risk we face, our highest priority is dramatically reducing the energy consumption of our homes, and then using renewable energy to offset that consumption. Further, healthy indoor air quality, water saving strategies, non-toxic materials, and sensitivity to the local site are also vital considerations in each design.

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Your Values Expressed.

A Personal Expression.  A commissioned, custom architectural design is truly an expression of your values. Not only will your home be green, but also each individual decision offers an opportunity to cultivate the final design - a design that is exclusive, distinctive, and uniquely yours.

Live well. Do good.


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