Green Architecture Services


The architecture practice of ZeroEnergy Design (ZED) creates innovative and environmentally sensible homes and residential buildings.

The distinct union of great design and energy performance is enabled by a multidisciplinary team whose expertise spans architecture, mechanical engineering and finance.  This integrated design approach makes ZED uniquely equipped to originate designs that are tailored to each client's requirements, environmental ideology, and unique sense of style. Design Philosophy


ZED provides a full suite of services for each Architecture project:

  • Green Architecture

    • Pre-Design

    • Schematic Design

    • Design Development with Visualization

    • Bidding Administration with Builder Selection

    • Construction Documents with Permitting Documents

    • Construction Administration

  • Energy Consulting (To Improve Building Performance)

  • Mechanical Design (Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation Systems)

  • Building Science Consulting (For Low Maintenance & High Durability)

  • Renewable Energy (Planning and Sizing)

  • Certifications (Facilitating Passive House, LEED & more)

The package of services is provided by our integrated design team.


At ZED, sustainability is not an optional checkbox, rather it is a deeply ingrained principle that impacts our use of design to solve challenges. It drives our process and defines the attributes of every project.

Energy.  Our firm is committed to designing homes and buildings that use at least 50% less energy than code requirements. We also help clients reach higher levels of aggressive performance standards, such as Passive House and, the firm's namesake and expertise, zero energy. Energy Performance Targets

Air Quality.  Maintaining positive indoor air quality is vital to occupant health.  We select materials that minimize pollutants and design ventilation systems to ensure a constant supply of fresh outdoor air.

Water.  Points of use, including bathrooms and kitchens, combine beauty and functionality in a design that enables water efficiency. Options are available for water conservation, capture, and reuse.

Maintenance and Durability.  Most building failures (whether peeling paint, mold growth, or rot) are a result of moisture-related infiltration into the building. Our experts design the building envelope assembly for optimum management of heat, air, water, and moisture flow, helping ensure long-term durability with minimal maintenance.


ZED uses design to creatively solve project challenges, and shares insights throughout the process such as the following:

Energy Efficient Homes can be Beautiful.  Initial examples of high performance architecture left aesthetics wanting, mainly due to experimentation by early adopters. Now, informed choices lead to exceptional performance and pleasing aesthetics as the rule, not the exception.

Comfort is Under-Appreciated.  Homeowners are so used to cold and drafty houses in the wintertime that absolute thermal comfort is quite unexpected and hard to comprehend. The constant temperatures throughout a super-insulated home provide a new level of comfort - once you experience it you won't go back.

Energy Choices Driven by Values.  Decisions for a new home are driven by aesthetic preferences, product availability, cultural norms, personal values, and other factors.  For energy attributes, rather than be driven solely by financial payback, consider using personal values, for example: avoiding fossil fuels on site, lowering CO2 emissions, or advancing the use of renewable energy.

Envelope Before Systems.  The passive portion of a house (the building envelope) can be your primary 'heating system'. A more energy efficient envelope decreases the size of the mechanical systems needed to heat and cool the space, which in turn then requires a smaller amount of renewable energy to offset consumption.


While the design process is second nature for us, we realize that is not the case for everyone. Here is a bit of what to anticipate:

Your Advocate.  We are committed, advocating on your behalf throughout the entire process - whether during design, contractor selection, permitting, or construction.

Strategic Design.  Knowing that each client is unique leads us to create a distinctive solution for each project. You can take comfort in knowing that you will not receive a standard formula, but rather a design that reflects your individual style, needs and goals.

Design Iterations.  Each project phase includes iterative deliverables that strive toward project goals, incorporate client feedback at each round of iterations, and make the next iteration closer to the optimal solution.

Aesthetic Direction.  A clean aesthetic is offered through a professional eye, inspired by your reference images and then envisioned in our design. As our client, we strive to achieve your preference.

Right-Sized.  Our designs are space efficient, matching allocations with actual need. We find multiple uses for space when practical, and identify overall resource efficiencies.

Performance Package.  Energy attributes are considered as a whole for each project, selecting mechanical systems and renewable energy to match building shell components. All work together in design and function, and all are based upon client goals.

Builder Selection.  Early in the design process is our preference for builder selection - seeking candidates, facilitating interviews, and offering clients informed recommendations.

Cost Conscious.  Throughout the process we manage cost control options using tools such as pricing exercises with builders and subcontractors, energy modeling paired with cost analysis, generating budget allocations, and reviewing builder payment terms.

Construction Administration.  As projects are executed in the field, specialized oversight of key milestones helps ensure that the implementation of the design is in alignment with both your desires and our drawings & specifications.

Expression of Your Values.  A commissioned, custom architectural design is truly an expression of values. Each individual decision offers an opportunity to cultivate the final design - a design that is exclusive, distinctive, and uniquely yours.


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