Design Philosophy

ZeroEnergy Design operates at the intersection of high design and high performance.

We are committed to innovative and ecologically sensible design and believe technical, financial and aesthetic aspects must be considered holistically.

Renaissance Team. Our multidisciplinary design team spans the fields of architecture, engineering and finance. We use this expertise to take a calculated and iterative approach to designing high performance homes. We employ computer renderings to help clients visualize different design directions and simulate the energy performance of several insulation options to identify the optimal solution, empowering both clients and design team to make informed decisions at every step in the process.

Inspired Architecture. Inspiration for each design draws upon the surrounding landscape, our collaboration with the client and their environmental ideologies, as well as the challenge of making energy efficiency beautiful. Within our design, we capture an experience; one that blends interaction with view, light form and aesthetics. The result is an architecture that is uniquely informed by place, subject and ideals.

Client Advocacy. Our practice of architecture is both a calculated art and service. We articulate designs on our clients' behalf, upholding their objectives, tailoring decisions to their aesthetic preferences, budgetary goals and environmental ideology. We help the client identify a qualified builder who can deliver quality construction within the project budget, and we advocate for the client throughout construction.

Energy & Sustainability. We believe that global climate change is the biggest environmental risk we face. Our highest priority is dramatically reducing the energy consumption of our homes, achieved through careful attention to the integrity of the thermal enclosure, well-designed systems, efficient appliances and lighting, as well as renewable energy. Further, healthy indoor air quality, water saving strategies, non-toxic materials, and sensitivity to the local site are all vital considerations to each of our designs.