Design Week 2018


TITLE  |  Through Rain, and Sleet, and Snow and Sun - Designing and Building for the New England Climate

DATE  |  Wednesday, April 4 at 5:30pm

SUMMARY  |  So you're ready to build or renovate.

What new products, technology, innovative ideas and design trends will sustain your home for years to come? And, once your dream home is finished, what can you do to protect your investment from the ever-changing, harsh New England weather? From choosing the right materials for inside and outside your home, to planning landscaping that can combat the elements, to learning tips and tricks for proper care and maintenance of everything from the roof to the basement and everything in-between - learn from the experts on how to be build and maintain your investment for the long run.

MODERATOR  |  Kevin O'Connor,  Host of This Old House

  - Stephanie Horowitz  |  ZeroEnergy Design
  - D. Michael Collins  |  D. Michael Collins Architects
  - Kenneth Vona  |  Kenneth Vona Construction
  - Stephanie O'Brien  |  CUMAR Marble and Granite
  - Greg Lombardi  |  Gregory Lombardi Design