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Fine Homebuilding - Environment for Retirement

Fine Homebuilding magazine’s latest issue includes the HOUSES by DESIGN section with a ZED project article called Environment for Retirement. As long term fans of the publication and winners of the 2017 Fine Homebuilding HOUSES award, ZED is thrilled to receive this continuing coverage.


Fine Homebuilding Podcast

Great podcast by Fine Homebuilding Magazine!
Thanks for the shout out from Brian Pontolilo for your #FavoriteWholeHouse!

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Brian discusses his 'Better Than Average' #FineHomebuilding ARTICLE

About the ZED #architecture project: MARGATE RESILIENT RESIDENCE

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Fine Homebuilding on Green Home by ZED

Fine Homebuilding has an excellent article about a green home by ZED (Margate Residence) in the August/Sept 2016 Issue which is available in print now.

Be sure to either 1) pick up a copy at you local bookstore, 2) view the free slideshow below, or 3) become a Fine Homebuilding member so you can read the full article.